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Weird Teen Life Cases Of Sudden Fame, Anxiety And Death

2 Tragic Life and death stories of Teens. Life Story of Liu Xuezhou, 17 whose parents abandoned him twice and later he died in a mysterious fashion. Another one is of Jordan Cashmyer, unwed mother at 16, who ultimately died with Anxiety and drugs.

Chinese teen Liu Xuezhou – Twice abandoned by parents

Chinese teenager, Liu Xuezhou first came to national attention after he posted a video asking for help finding his biological family. His real parents sold him in 2005 to another family while he was a toddler. Later, the couple who adopted him also died & he spent most of his life with his grandparents and other relatives. In December 2021, the 17-year-old he started an online search and tracked down his biological parents, who had since divorced and remarried!

Chinese teen Liu Xuezhou
Liu Xuezhou

The biological parents and the boy fixed a meeting. At first it was an emotional reunion but soon things turned sour. He demanded for a house and financial help. When denied, the boy made allegations on them and threatened to “see in court”. A social media war on internet started. Later, after alleged cyber bullying and tension, he finally decided to end his life. Liu was a little boy and this much emotional tension was REALLY TOO MUCH FOR HIM.

How did Liu Xuezhou died?

Liu posted a long letter on Weibo, in which he detailed the events of his life how he was attacked online and that he was going to end his life. A kid of 17 was obviously not in a position to handle such emotional turmoil. Everything was going on on social media and the government and social organizations were unaware, is it possible?

Was Liu Xuezhou good?

This question is often asked on social media but in fact this question is not correct. In fact we have to understand the situation he was facing at this young age. He was facing a situation of trauma that just can’t be imagined easily. The little boy missed some basic things in life that other teens take for granted or do not even think about, it was – THE LOVE OF REAL PARENTS.

He must have been going to school and seen by everyone as a strange object, which was sold. Later when the matter reached social media and he succeeded in finding his real parents, he got a different type of fame, in this whole procedure. These media and social media glare and pressures were not easy to handle for him at the age of 17.

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Life had already given him too mature matters to deal with at a very early age. Initially he got success in his efforts of finding his parents and perhaps he became too much confident. But with interactions with so many people with different mindsets and purposes, he got aware of his rights also. Later on bargaining with his parents, he came under fire from different segments of social media. They started attacking him and all this drama sadly ended with Liu Xuezhou’s death by suicide.

Jordan Cashmyer -“16 and Pregnant” fame

Another extreme teen case is of Jordan Cashmyre from Baltimore (Maryland, United States). She was featured in a 2014 episode of 16 and Pregnant as a homeless pregnant teen and became famous overnight. There, she starred alongside her family and former boyfriend Derek Taylor. Jordan joined the show as a teenager who was expecting Derek’s baby.

Jordan cashmyer 16 and pregnant dies at 26
Jordan Cashmyer

Her parents had asked her to leave the house after she fell pregnant and refused to split from the father of the baby. In the show, Derek appeared uninterested in getting a job and the pair were stuck with nowhere to go, as they had no local relatives to take them in. At that time Jordan’s dad and stepmom temporarily shared guardianship with them.

How did Jordan Cashmyer die?

While appearing on the TV show 16 and Pregnant, Jordan was struggling with finding work and was also a homeless pregnant teen. As her family disowned her because they did not approve of her relationship with Taylor. Jordan’s struggles continued even after the birth of her daughter Evie, later for custody rights. Ultimately she ended up on drugs and died on 16 January 2022 at the early age of 27.

Anxiety attacks can be dangerous if not handled properly

Teenagers take some steps because they think they know everything but they live in a society. Can or do they consider the consequences and repercussions of their actions? They are not aware of where their little actions will ultimately lead to.

Both these cases involved weird circumstances, sudden fame, media glare, social media ups and downs, and all at a very early age and within a very short time frame. This resulted in too much Anxiety and tension for them which they tried to handle themselves. Results could surely have been different if they could have got some timely mental support.

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