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Unfortunate boy grown up with hens as a CHICKEN

An analysis into the State of Consciousness of Sujit Kumar from Fiji. His parents died and his grandfather locked him to grow up with HENS as a chicken. The authorities rescued him but couldn’t understand how to deal with a HUMAN HEN…

Fiji boy Sujeet raised as a CHICKEN

Sujit Kumar was born in 1979 in Fiji. When he was around 2 years old his mother committed suicide and his father was murdered. Thus, he came into the care of his grandfather in a rural area, Nausori. He locked him in an underground chicken coop, where he lived for years with hens.

There was no space to stand up, he could only crawl, and move like other hens. As hens were provided food & water, so was he. A child learns too much by imitating, he learned to live like a hen. He soon forgot his identity as a human being and started to make chuckling noises like hens.

15 years tied up with ropes to the bed

Neighbors reported seeing him, but nothing was done until he was 8 years old. Later instead of being given special care, he was put into an old people’s home in Suva. Unfortunately here also, he was tied to a bed like an animal as no one knew what to do with a human hen.

He hopped like a chicken, when given food he used to tip it on the floor and crouched and packed at the food like a hen with his unique puk – puk voice. He liked to roost on the floor (like a hen) rather than sleep in a bed.

Sujit kumar - chicken boy tied with ropes
Sujit Kumar tied with his bed

This continued for around 15 years till 2002, by then he was 23 years of age when Ms. Clayton, an Australian businesswoman met him by chance. Ms. Elizabeth Clayton, while visiting the old people’s home to give a donation of furniture for some organization met Sujit Kumar.

She remembers he looked small (at age 22-23) but so wild and even tried to bite her. He was like a hen, he curled his hands upwards towards his chest, claw-like, made strange noises, his eyes seemed blank. He was detached.

State of Consciousness of Henmen Fiji Sujit Kumar

However such unfortunate people may never attain any depths of consciousness or intellect but a very different angle is there. Normal people keep on collecting a lot of mental information since their birth, necessary or unnecessary, correct or incorrect, different theories, religion, literature, history, geography, science, books, media…an endless list.

Some of them slowly start realizing that much of the mental collection is useless. THEN they go for types of CLEANSING at meditation centers & by other methods. but SUJIT KUMAR never collected any such information in his mind.

Chicken boy Sujit kumar Fiji
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What is his consciousness level?

He is in a human body, which means having all the capabilities of such mental accumulations & meditation. But, since he didn’t collect any such info in his mind, so he doesn’t need cleansing also! So does it mean he is at a very deep level of consciousness because divine possibilities are available in the human body at depth, just the upper garbage has to be removed & he hadn’t collected any such burden… Now?

Well, such persons may unknowingly slip into deeper levels but in an unconceived manner. This means, not knowing where they are or what is happening, which is good for nothingneither good for them nor useful for others.

Another thing, he has a lot of mental collection as a chicken and hen, so he is not totally empty in that sense. However, it’s just a basic collection as if somebody has a mental collection of being a human! But he has been a hen in a human body for so long, so it seems a distortion but this topic deserves a separate post whether this is really a distortion or not!

Further his mental (as well as physical ) state is disturbed, it’s not at his will. He can’t use or stop the mind’s activities whenever he wants. So with this present state of mind, his being in public without any shadow ( a strong familiar person to control him) may be dangerous for him as well as the public.

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Understanding the WORLD with extreme cases

When something extreme happens to a human being then it gives us a pause. It fills our minds with questions & surprises that even this can happen to a human. However such people may be having a miserable life, but the study of their life gives a better understanding of life in general.

While walking in the crowd on roads, railway stations, or maybe at your workplace you come across some SIMILAR FACES. While being together you may want to interact with them expecting normal behavior as per your mindset, but you never know what’s going on in their mind.

At times, we come across some people who all of a sudden burst up & get out of their self-control in a fit of anger or madness. Their childhood traumas and earlier life experiences prove to be very crucial factors for the rest of their life.

Sujit kumar chicken boy - Later stage
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The case of Sujit Kumar is a rare case of a different type of violence & mistreatment of a human but a lot of people with different degrees of distortion are walking between us. Everybody’s WORLD is different, everybody’s RIGHT & WRONG are different.

They do not become extreme cases because of the difference in the level & period of mistreatment. They go on living their life with that emotional blockage & trauma.

Where is Sujit Kumar ‘Chicken boy” now

Ms. Elizabeth Clayton decided to rehabilitate him. She soon shifted him to her “HAPPY HOME” organization in Suva, where he started recovering slowly. He recognizes some people and gives smiles however till the last update he was¬†still unable to speak. He still makes a chuckling sound when nervous because the development of some regions of the mind becomes very difficult after a certain age.

Note: When I use the word ” Chicken boy Fiji” or “Hen men”, my intention in no way is to degrade him or hurt anybody’s sentiments toward him. The people on the internet search for him (& recognize him) with this name. This is the only reason for people’s curiosity about his life. That’s why I used this word, otherwise, nobody would have ever found this article in search results.

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