fearless woman on 23rd floor

Living on the Edge – A Deadly Adventure

I found a video on Youtube, of a woman who had made special but dangerous arrangements for herself on the 23rd floor of a building, just for fun! Deadly adventure!!

Daring woman enjoying on a sofa leaning out of 23rd floor!

Some people in the crowd may seem ordinary, but when you see their daring acts, you are bound to think about their ideology! Here is such a case – the lady in the picture is unknown, she looks Chinese or Korean. Strangely, she has no support for her legs as is evident, they are hanging from the 23rd floor! She has made special arrangements for a sofa to lean outside her apartment on the 23rd floor just for fun.

deadly adventure
Lady stretching outside 23rd floor

Incredible and deadly adventure

I have met some people who are so bored with their life that they do risky adventures, go gambling, or even do risky stock investments, just to get some thrill. They want a taste of aliveness, just to keep them feeling the life. However, she has surpassed many by investing good money in her deadly adventure, and that too in the comfort of her house.

deadly adventure
Lady leaning forward from the sofa on 23rd floor

Deadly adventure – Climbing the Highest Towers Of The World With No Life Support

Strange acts of a daring woman just for fun

Further, I don’t think she is getting any money for this. As it is clear from this video, somebody from a nearby building made it. Also, the amazed voice of the person shows his state of surprise by the daring act of this woman. She has done it for her special thrill & enjoyment, whenever she wants, however, at the risk of her life. Just a slight mistake & all over, but she seems ready for this. She reads a book there, even leans forward & looks down on the road, then stretches herself carelessly.

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