Does your dog loves you

Giving love or getting love from your pets?

You love your dogs too much but does your dog love you back? I recently came across a life event that made me think about whether we are giving love to our pets because they need it or are we getting love from their company?

A family in our circle who has a lot of animals – dogs, ducks, pigeons… decided to add 1 more member to the pets family. Since the new member was a newborn tiny puppy, they requested another family having teenage kids to keep the puppy for 2-3 months. The purpose was that he may gain some size & may not require extra care to protect him from other more giant animals.

New Pet in the family

That other family was not having any experience with pets at home earlier but they started caring for him like a little baby. As it happens, within 2-3 days every member of the family got too much involved with him – all the time petting him, playing with him & soon he became the center of attraction for everyone. Special sleeping arrangements for the puppy were made, especially as it was the winter season. However most of the time, he was in kids’ laps.

During the night, kids were on the vigil & remained near him, even arranging a bed nearby. When asked about such proximity while sleeping they told that if nobody is there at night near him, he starts weeping! Apart from a regular diet, Dog food purchased from the market was prepared in a special way, as mentioned on the packet. Means, caring for him in every possible way & he also seemed to enjoy their company a lot.

Does your dog actually love you?

2-3 months passed & he became a little 10 kg. dog and was one day shifted to the real owner’s house. By this time, kids & other family members became much attached to him. It was decided to visit him often so that he may not feel alone or sad. His favorite special dog food new packets were also given along with.

As the Little dog reached the real owners, the family having a lot of animals, he became very happy & strangely started barking & pushing other big dogs. In no time he was playing with them as they also perhaps accepted him as a kid & tolerated all his nuisance. Teenagers who went to drop off the puppy were also happy as other animals accepted the puppy.

The Real Drama

From next day onwards, when they started visiting him, he used to just meet them for a few minutes. Then he used to get busy with his routine chores like – keeping all the pigeons on the roof (he didn’t allowed them to sit on floor anymore) & playing / friendly fighting with other dogs.

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Kids were also surprised & in fact shocked by this situation as he paid no heed to them. And yes those special dog food packets were found by dogs (including him) kept somewhere, at night & eaten RAW, without any boiled water & all that…Now came this question – Were they giving love or taking love from the pet?

Do Pets know how much their owners love them?

Have you ever thought about it when you see people sharing their pets’ pic in different poses on social media? Caring for their pets & enjoying their company, waiting for the evening to reach home & meet their pets. You must have seen people demanding others’ pet pics on social media to cheer up their own mood! But what does the pet think about its owners? Does your pet love you just because they have no other option?

What the pet itself wants, your company or their breed’s company, or both? I would like to add that I also had a very lovely bonding with my pet dog & it remained the same till he left the body. From my experience, I can say that pets do understand our love & also that they know how much whom can be trusted for their different problems. However, they may equally enjoy other friendly animals or their breeds’ company.

How to make your dog love you again?

You must be thinking what happened later? Well, now within a few months he has developed into an almost fully grown dog. Since both the families are in touch with each other, the caretaker family regularly meets the dog and now the dog also gives them special attention on their visits.

The possible reason for his earlier behavior may be that the real owner’s house is a big one with a lot of grass, open space, and other animals while the caretaker’s house, where he lived as a tiny puppy, was a comparatively small one with no grass and open space.

Featured image credit:  Stephen Cruickshank from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Giving love or getting love from your pets?”

  1. That’s an interesting one..I don’t quite know- I think two animals is the perfect amount, so even when you leave them for work, or even for playtimes, they have each other.

    I’ve always felt a special bond with my two dachshunds; like we were really made for our souls to be together. Whenever i’m gone too long, they’ll evidently miss me; if I sleep at someone’s house, they’ll go check or hover in my room searching for me, or they’ll prefer to snuggle my blanket instead of on my mother, and other things like that.

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