Mass whales slaughter

Mass slaughter of Whales and Dolphins in the name of tradition

For around 1000 years a tradition goes on every September on Faroe Island, in Danish territory, in which around 800-1500 Pilot Whales & Orcas are slaughtered in a single day. In place of hue & cry later, is it possible to regulate this Faroe Island whales slaughter?

Faroe Island whales slaughter

In this yearly event, professional hunters and locals surround and herd nearly 800-1500 Whales and Dolphins towards the beach & hack them to death. The meat of these big species has been a part of their regular diet since the establishment of this island. They distribute the meat, first to hunters and then to nearby villagers. They all can sell it too, making it a win-win situation for everyone in the name of tradition.

Why Faroe Island killing whales?

They call it a cultural tradition in which they have been hunting the whales for centuries. But, the important question is, what was this Island’s population earlier? Further, how many whales and dolphins were killed earlier? In the original tradition, did they sold this meat or the norms were molded later for monetary benefit?

Do you think locals can stop this BLOODSPORT, as named by charity ORCA, which is lobbying to end this slaughter? The answer is NO, look at this curious child below. On seeing this massacre the child is not in pain, she is curious. It is a state of deep sleep where the societies love their cats and dogs, while enjoying the mass killing of whales and dolphins.

Like this child all other locals must have seen this YEARLY FEAST/PICNIC/RITUAL since their childhood, they have grown with it. It has gone deep inside them…

Faroe Island whales slaughter
Mass Slaughtering of Whales
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How many whales are killed in the Faroe Island?

In earlier years they killed around 700-800 whales and dolphins. However, the number of whales & orcas killed in 2021 shocked even the locals, it was nearly 1500!

Why the mass slaughter of whales is so bad?

One question may come to mind if they eat all the meat then how it’s wrong? After all, it’s their regular food. I feel the wrong part is the mass killings of a species. This disturbs the ecosystem, otherwise, those Whales & Orcas, however large they are, have to die someday.

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As far as their age factor is concerned when they are caught by fishing net then also perhaps they are not segregated by age. However, a question remains in mind – Such mass killings should ever be a tradition?

Faroe Island Whales slaughter update – Quota set to 500 only.

In the face of continued outrage all over the world over this controversial event, Faroe Island has set a quota of 500 killings of these species in this event. This is a big victory for those organizations who have been fighting against this cruelty for a long. I also personally feel it is a vindication of my stand.

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4 thoughts on “Mass slaughter of Whales and Dolphins in the name of tradition”

  1. Oh my… I had no idea this kind of thing was still happening. I don’t agree with these kinds of killings at all! How awful 🙁
    I recently said I never wanted to visit Botswana until they removed the law which allows Elephant hunting and I am adding Faroe island to this list. Thanks for sharing and bringing awareness to this awful ‘tradition’.

    1. Timeless Mayank

      You would be satisfied to know the update that global pressure forced the government to fix the killing quota at 500 in that event.

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