Crows attack

Crows attack a particular man again and again!

I came across 2 events at different places where the crow attack a particular man again and again. In one of these cases, the past life regression revealed strange facts!

Crow attacking Shiv Kevat since 2016

Shiv kevat is a middle-aged man from the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. Whenever the crows find him in the open, they attack him with their sharp beaks and claws. He is always vigilant while in open and keeps a stick with him for protection from these angry birds.

According to him, this all started in 2016 when he tried to rescue a baby crow stuck in an iron net. He failed in saving the little bird and it died in his hands. The crows, unaware of the whole incident, presumed that he had killed the baby crow and started attacking him.

Shiv Kevat works on daily wages, so he is usually in the open for work and crows find him. Any member of this bird clan comes out of nowhere, attack him, and at times leave him bleeding.

Crows attack Shiv Kevat
Image Credit: Times of India

Why Crow attack on head?

Try to understand the situation from the Crow’s perspective. Crows and other birds watch us from above. Either they are sitting on a tree or roof cliffs or they watch us while flying. So, for the crow the human head is the first thing, moreover, the victim can’t see them before the attack.

Further, the face is difficult to attack as the person will also watch the attacking bird and immediately take defensive action. The rest of the body is usually covered with clothes. Further, the crow will not take the risk of being caught or attacked by the person by attacking the lower parts, even if open.

Do Crow attack humans?

Usually, crows do not attack humans. Such a situation comes when they feel a danger for themselves or their baby. In very rare instances, they have been found attacking for food.

Crows sharp memory and aggressive behavior

Indore-based ornithologist Ajay Gadikar told PTI that “birds have a very strong memory and many of their senses are sharper than human beings. Crows remember the face of humans for sure, and they are also aggressive”. In normal routine also, if a crow falls on the ground or dies, then the entire clan comes and starts shouting. This peculiar behavior has especially been observed in crows.

Crows performing death ceremony!

I watched a video on YouTube also from a crow researcher, Kaeli Swift in which she filmed the crows doing some strange and unexpected activities with the dead crow. They scolded, mobbed, and copulated with the dead one and then forcefully drilled the head of the dead bird with their beaks several times. However, she perhaps defined the head attack as RIP (rest in peace) process, but, I couldn’t fully agree with her conclusion. It was difficult to relate drilling of the head by beak with RIP!

Some comments below the video described the whole process as the shaming of dead crow by the rival group. They had the opinion that it was a dead bird’s rival group and they are defiling the dead. They added that whenever a crow from the clan dies, group members gather in large numbers to protect the honor of the dead one from hostile desecration.

Crow’s memory goes beyond life and death?

Long ago, I read a story about similar crow attacks on a person in Bangladesh. But, the strange thing was that the person didn’t remember any event of attacking or killing a crow in his life! He says, he himself doesn’t know how and why these crow attacks started on him. At least in the Shiv Kevat incident, the guy remembers what lead to these bird attacks. But, here in Bangladesh incident the guy himself was clueless about the reason for the attacks.

Past life regression of Bangladesh guy’s crow attack

Nowadays, everything is readily available on the internet. I read that news in the paper perhaps 20 years ago and watched that show also at least a decade ago. So, I couldn’t find out full details about the name and whereabouts of that person. The only thing I exactly remember is that the person was from Bangladesh. Then after a few years of reading about that incident in the newspapers, I watched a TV show, in which that Bangladesh guy was taken into past life regression.

A lady expert in such techniques took that guy into past life regression on TV to find out the root cause of this strange problem. The session started, the guy laid down on a bed in front of that lady expert. She started guiding him into a deep meditative state.

After some time, the guy started recalling incidents from his different past lives. As far as I remember, he recalled the time period also, in which he was going. Then suddenly he saw an event where he had burnt an entire crow clan inside a well. So, according to that show, the root cause of the crow’s enmity with him was this event of some past life.

New questions raised about Bangladesh man crow attack

However, this spectacular revelation again raised so many questions in my mind. Even if all this happened, then how presently do the present crows recognize him that he is that person from that time frame? As he recalled during the regression, that incident happened hundreds of years ago. So, that man died and the crow clan already died (as he burnt them in that life). Even if some members of that crow clan survived the attack then also in the normal course, they would have died after a few years.

Now, how does the present generation of crows recognize that he is that man who attacked that crow clan hundreds of years ago? Even if he took birth in the same village or place, then also, how it is possible? What are the recognition marks on his consciousness and what peculiar abilities do crows have to recognize those marks?

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What do you think about this? Share your opinions in the comments.

Note: I am not giving any definitive suggestions that past life exists or not. Some people may have different opinions on this topic and these incidents. This article is based on the real incidents which I watched and read about in the media. Any other views, information, updates about this incident, and expert opinions from open-minded people are welcome.

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  • Featured Image Credit: Photo by Syed Amed on Unsplash.

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