Content writing

Content writing
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I also do content writing for others in the Mental health and Logistics/3PL/E-commerce niches. The content will be SEO-rich, engaging, grammatically correct, and plagiarism free. However, you can apply your tools, and I can update them to your satisfaction.

Furthermore, If your present website is not attracting traffic, I can improve it. I’ll check the existing content and polish it from a grammar, ease of reading, and SEO point of view. On this blog related to LIFE, more than 70% of traffic comes directly from Google.

1. Content writing on Mental health and consciousness

I have been a long-term meditator and have had many spiritual experiences. So, the topics related to deep digging into typical life situations and consciousness are close to my heart. 

  • I like to analyze a case from all perspectives & then discuss it from all possible angles.
  • Self-help, self-improvement.
  • Mental health and consciousness-related issues.
  • Depression, Anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.
  • Strange life situations.

2. Content writing on Logistics, E-commerce, and Dropshipping

I write all types of content for E-commerce, dropshipping, wholesale, fulfillment, 3pl, and logistics industries.

  • Ultimate guides or How to guides.
  • Articles & blog posts.
  • Social media content (Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Product Description.
  • Home page, about us, etc.
  • Any other type of content.

Being a Google certified DIGITAL MARKETOR, I know your social media presence requirements. I can operate your social media accounts in these niches. If required, I’ll add statistics and data with references, apart from your keywords. Message me for sample articles on E-commerce.


I charge only $10 for 700 words. 60% of the total payment will be in advance. Further, I can also publish the article on your WordPress site at a very nominal charge.

Contact me – Email me at or chat on FB or Twitter.

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