Alain the spiderman climbing Burj khalifa

Climbed World’s Highest Buildings with No Life Support

Alain, the French spiderman who was afraid of great heights in childhood has climbed more than 80 highest towers in the world including the Burj Khalifa, and Eiffel Tower. After every few days, he has a strong urge to scale new heights…

Alain Robert – French Spider-Man

Robert Alain Philippe, better known as Alain Robert ( born on 7 August 1962), a French rock climber and urban climber is famously called Alain Robert Spider-Man” or “the Human Spider”. He is famous for his free solo climbing, scaling skyscrapers usually using no climbing equipment except for a small bag of chalk, to wipe off the sweat and a pair of climbing shoes. He has climbed the world’s tallest skyscrapers usually bare-handed & without any life support beneath…

Alain Robert climbing the Newyork Times building

His mountain & rock-climbing physical training and technique allow him to climb using the small protrusions of building walls and windows (such as window ledges and frames). Many of his climbs provide him no opportunity to rest and can last several hours.

In earlier years of his climbing, he used to reach the skyscraper at dawn because the authorities did not normally allow him for such dangerous adventures, it was only when a crowd of onlookers used to gather on roads, to watch him climb, then police used to arrive either at end of his climb or midway. As a consequence, Robert has been arrested nearly 100 times but in recent years, however, he has started doing his climbs with permission and sponsorship.

It’s not that he just starts climbing any building. Before scaling any building, first, he inspects the building for a few days, checks whether it’s fit for scaling or not, and yes also for security cameras so as to decide his path for the destined day! If he finds everything perfect, then only he finalizes it else the plan is scrapped.

Alain Robert climbes Burj Khalifa in Dubai

In one of his most difficult adventures, he climbed Burj Khalifa (in the Featured image) in UAE, Dubai in 2011. It was a legal climb but he was allowed with partial use of a safety harness for the climb and he scaled the 828-meters in around 6 hours. This climb was intended to inspire more than 2,000 students who attended an event named “Education without borders”, Gulf News reports.

“I’m doing this to show the students there is no edge or borders and to inspire people to break the mold and not limit themselves. Part of my message is not only to follow your heart but try to innovate in all things you do. I climb because I need to find something I enjoy in life and I enjoy climbing buildings,”

Alain Robert

Alain Robert Childhood – Afraid of heights

Height fear is not a phobia – it’s by birth, almost all humans & even most the animals are scared of falling from great heights. You may be surprised to know that in his childhood, he was afraid of heights but had a very strong determination & courage and decided to overcome this fear.

He began his climbing training in 1975, on the cliffs near his hometown of Valence in southern France. He took up solo climbing in 1977 and rapidly became a top climber. However, he had the first stint at “buildering” when he was 12 and was locked out of his apartment. He decided to scale the eight stories up to an open window.

Alain Robert climbing

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Alain Robert family life and Accidents

His journey of climbing buildings started somewhere around 1994 and he has climbed more than 80 buildings. His latest publicly known climb was in Barcelona, Spain in 2020 as per Wikipedia. He has fallen many times but luckily not from very great heights. He has suffered everything from getting badly injured to operations, hospitalizations for months, and even going into a coma at least 2 times but nothing could stop him from these risky adventures.

His wife and three children always remain worried for him & they get temporary relief only when either he is with them or when he makes a phone call to them after scaling his latest adventure. When he is at his home, he fulfills his climbing desires by climbing walls in his house because he just can’t live without it.

Climbing Highest buildings of the world

He scaled Taipei 101 in 2004, a few days before its grand opening as the tallest building in the world at that time. The 508-meter (1,667 ft) climb was legal, part of the week’s festivities. The skyscraper’s outwardly slanting sides posed no apparent difficulty for him, but heavy rain resulted in a climb lasting four hours—double his estimate. 

Robert, a real-life daredevil has climbed the tallest skyscrapers and landmarks of the world including the Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, The Sydney Opera House, The Montparnasse Tower, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sears Tower, and the list goes on…

Warning & Disclaimer

Do not try to perform such acts by imitating. Alain is a trained professional & still, his life remains at risk while performing such acts without any life support. Please also check the DISCLAIMER.

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