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A new HORSE GIRL community is coming up secretly!

Earlier a very few courageous girls like Ayla Kirstine tried to run on all fours for fun or exercise. They became an internet sensation with the names as horse woman or horse girl . But, now a whole community of horse girls is coming up! Who is a horse girl? An analysis of different aspects of walking on all fours.

Life of horse girl Ayla Kirstine

A young woman from Norway, Ayla Kirstine has a unique talent of running on all fours – just like a horse. She has a wonderful ability to mimic the gait and movements of a horse. If you see her in a long shot of a video or picture, you may really confuse her with a horse. However, she didn’t born with such guts nor has she developed this talent overnight.

Her fascination towards animals started at the age of three and she practiced a lot to attain this type of perfection. If you watch her running like that then it may surprise as well as mesmerize you.

Is Horse girl an insult?
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One may find it odd for a mature woman to do such acts publicly because it is not a routine activity which humans do. Usually people feel shy to do such acts publicly, especially woman. But, people’s comments, perception or laughs could not deter her from going ahead with her heart.

She had dogs and horses in her house since childhood. While growing up, she carefully noticed them and observed their every movement. At that time, she wanted to be like a dog. So, she started imitating them, which is a natural tendency in many children. However, her fascination towards horses started later.

Personal enjoyment vs. public perception

I have seen many little children imitating the pets. They become stubborn to eat in their pet’s bowl or in a similar bowl. Further, they want to eat directly with their mouth using their “tongue only” like an animal ie. without using their hands.

Similarly, they want to sleep with the pet on the floor or in a similar fashion. But, usually soon they understand that humans are a different breed and give up such habits with age, or public perception changes them.

The inspiration of horse girl Ayla Kirstine

But, Ayla Kirstine chose to continue with this, as perhaps she enjoyed it a lot or she may be having some theories about it. Later with age, the beauty and grace of horses fascinated her and she decided to go ahead with imitating horses.

She aimed at perfection, she observed the horse’s movements for hours and started replicating them. She found that their slow running movements and fast running movements were different, so she learned and practiced both gaits.

Horses are perfect at jumping over the hurdles, she practiced and perfected this trait also, and yes everything with all fours! She used to place bars at a particular height as a hurdle, come running in a flow and jump over it. Then she slowly raised the bars by adding new ones at a bit more height.

The effect of unusual hobbies on relationships?

I could not find such details over internet about such aspects of her life, but I would like to go into more details on it. Actually, one can try such things but while living in a society one can’t ignore the public perception or be ready to face the social dilemma and drama. World can’t be changed, it’s like that. People have different opinions about any new concept, activity, or experiment.

Further, if one is in relationships of any forms like parents, husband, kids (and obviously other relations come along with these relationships), then those connected with you have also to face the social dilemma. Till she is single, she can do it. But, once she is wife to somebody or mother to some child then the people may say different things to them also about her horse like activities. Nothing good or bad in it, but it will happen.

So, if you do unusual things publicly, then you have to be ready to face the reactions. For example – earlier, she didn’t wanted to close her Instagram account where she posted her pics. But, later she closed the account, whatever the reasons.

Different yoga postures inspired by animals and birds

There are a lot of Yogasans also based on postures of different animals and birds. A few of them are Mayurasan, Kagasan, Singhasan, etc. Different animals and birds have some peculiar abilities and powers, they sit and move in a particular fashion. Ancient time Indian yoga experts developed these yogasans based on those postures to develop similar powers in human beings. These poses put pressure and give strength to some particular organs and thus develop those special abilities.

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Apart from that, I have observed a lot of people trying walking on all fours for a few minutes daily to develop the strength of their hands and shoulders. Some try other different postures to strengthen other organs, but they do it only for a few minutes. However, in today’s time, others unknowingly make videos of them and upload it on social media to make fun. That’s another thing.

“Horse girls walking on all fours” community

Earlier a few courageous woman like Ayla Kirstine started this movement of running like a horse for fun, experiment, exercise, or hobby. Then with time some others who may be probably trying such traits secretly, came up in open. Other horse girls or horse woman, who have gained popularity are Anna Salandar from Sweden and Eva Vogel from Canada. They also have been practicing this trait from more than 6-7 years now.

They all started horsing at an early age of 3-4 years and some of them gained over 50k followers on internet by the time they reached their teenage! Now, while checking internet, I find that secretly a horse girl community is taking shape because with a community it becomes easier to face the rest of the world.

Are Horse girls crazy?

A question is often asked that whether the horse girls are crazy? In my opinion – NO. Nobody can label others as crazy just because they are doing non-routine things. These girls are going with their heart, earlier they would have been doing it secretly because of public perception. Now, with the internet explosion, they found others also doing such things, so they formed a community.

Featured Image Credit: https://www.insider.com/norwegian-woman-runs-and-jumps-like-horse-2019-5

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