This blog is about people who were born with a different body, or gone into weird things. It also covers strange situations, traditions, and events from different time frames and cultures. Those stories and incidents will raise questions about life and break the molds.

Is life only that much which we have been taught to live by our society, elders, books, etc. However, I will not give you any set theories. From these different perspectives, you may like to question your beliefs and understanding of life. Moreover, these unique events about different situations, humans, animals, birds, or nature increase our awareness towards the journey of life and consciousness.

Here you will find life stories where a weird decision or event took a whole life on an entirely strange path, sometimes a very unfortunate one! Whereas we find our life difficult, some people are born with really difficult body conditions. But, such life situations give, those interested in the consciousness journey, a chance to explore new dimensions.

What is life?

Life is a very complex phenomenon. It’s not so simple to say whatever I want to say in a few words. However, whenever we go deep into different perspectives, then everytime something opens up inside.

Further, most of the time, our life problems keep puzzling us. We think that only whatever we have seen is life. When we go through the life stories of those people, who are born with a different type of body, our view of life changes. They are also living and dying like us, but still, we differ on many planes. What those planes are?

Similarly, when we look at the extraordinary life of some people, who were forced into weird situations, our horizons start opening up. Then we start looking at life differently. Then discussions and meditations open the way further.

These stories and events can give you a pause and make you think about life afresh! However, it will not happen immediately, things will remain in your mind and if you are open minded, then soon something will click at some time and THEN.

The solution to life’s problems

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