Wang Yongning Stunt

1 Lac Yuan prize money took life of Wang Yongning

Chinese rooftop climber Wang Yongning, 26, died in China while trying to win a Prize money for daredevil acts. While doing Pullups from the top of 62 story Huayuan Hua Centre in Changsha, he fell down and died.

Wang Yongning’s early life

Wang Yongning, born on March 3, 1989, in Hunan province, China, was a Chinese rooftop climber and an internet personality. He had a fearless approach to climbing tall buildings and other structures without any safety equipment. He gained quick popularity for his death-defying stunt videos on social media. His fans appreciated his ability to remain calm and collected while performing his stunts.

Wang’s climbing skills first gained attention when he posted videos of himself performing stunts on the roofs of high-rise buildings. He was known for walking along rooftops, hanging from high-rise buildings, and even doing pushups on the side of skyscrapers. He had over a million followers on Weibo.

How Wang Yongning died? The Last Pullup

However, on November 8, 2017, Wang’s life took a tragic turn when he was making a selfie video in a bid to win a 100,000 yuan prize. Reports say, that somebody had announced this prize for the best daredevil video entry.

Wang Yongning Fall
Image Credit: Terronema

South China Morning Post reported that he reached One of the city’s tallest buildings 62 story Huayuan Hua Centre in Changsha, China. He started pullups in a routine way but, as he was not feeling comfortable, once he stopped. Then again climbed up, and cleaned the surface. As nobody knew about this stunt, he could have stopped, if he was not comfortable. But, the desire to earn the prize, or one can say destiny, pushed him again to do a second try.

From where Wang Yongning fall?

As his video shows, he struggled to maintain his grip this time and finally fell to the ground. He fell from the 62nd floor of the Huayuan Hua Centre, Chagsha, and died on the spot. No spectator was there on the ground, and a sweeper discovered his body a day later. Wang’s death was a tragic loss to the world of rooftop climbing and a reminder of the dangers involved in performing dangerous stunts.

Is Wang Yongning still alive?

Wang Yongning is no more alive in the physical body, but he still lives in the hearts of millions of his followers. Wang’s death was a shock to many and sparked a heated debate about the dangers of rooftop climbing and the need for better safety measures.

Need of better regulations and safety measures

With so many skyscrapers in every city, and the desire to gain quick popularity lures a lot of youngsters into such daredevil acts. They watch videos on social media and try to imitate their heroes, and at times without any formal training.

After this incident, some argued that Wang’s death was the result of his own recklessness and that he should have taken better precautions to protect himself. Others opined that the lack of regulation in the rooftop climbing community and the absence of proper safety equipment were to blame for his death.

But, certainly some rules and regulations are a must on global basis.

Pursue your passions but, at what cost?

Though he may no longer be with us, he is remembered as a fearless and daring young man who lived life to the fullest. Despite the dangers involved in his chosen profession, Wang was undeterred and continued to push himself to the limit. On social media, he used to inspire others to pursue their passions and to never give up.

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But, a question remains at large – “Pursue your passions but, at what cost”? A number of daredevil passions, and sports like rock climbing, car racing, hiking, and a lot more are popular throughout the world. However, all such sports have deadly risks involved, but that adrenaline rush is their main thrill. Risk is inbuilt in them, without risk they would loose their charm. But, what about their parents and families?

Before pursuing such a passion, first ask a few questions to yourself. ” Whether the passion is worth chasing”? What’s the future of it? Analyze all the pros and cons with open eyes and then decide. After all, how others can decide boundaries for daredevils!

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